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UNIQUE is a small booklet designed to help young people [11-14yrs] become more informed about their choices in relationships and sexual health, in particular as they enter adolescence.

UNIQUE’s central theme is that each young person is valuable and contributes in a unique way to this world. Equally UNIQUE allows a young person to explore their questions surrounding faith, relationships and sex.

UNIQUE by its design seeks to encourage dialogue and conversation on the topics that young people face at this stage of growing up. It is designed to be an interactive resource that ideally could be used in group work/ small group setting. Equally UNIQUE compliments other resources, giving each young person their own booklet to refer back to.

The issues covered by UNIQUE include: Who am I? How do I relate to others? What is love? What is friendship? I fancy someone….now what? Going out? What about sex?

Youth Work

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Non-Formal Education

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Most young people are not engaging in sexual intercourse (HPA 2008). Many young people are making healthy, informed decisions regarding relationships.

There are some factors that may contribute to this:

  • Positive peer pressure
  • Openness in the home is discussing such issues
  • Further support from youth services/schools/organisations/communities – a multi faceted approach with a consistent message.

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