Faith Sub Group | Who Are We?


The Faith Sub group was initiated by the Belfast Health Trust, a sub group of the Belfast Area Sexual Health Project Board.  The Trust working in collaboration with other faith agencies and the 4 larger Christian denominations have developed ‘UNIQUE’, a resource developed to support young people aged 11-13 yrs with regard to relationships and sexuality.

Since its beginning the Faith Sub Group has actively sought faith representation beyond the main Christian denominations.  There has on occasion been opportunity to engage with other religious groups to gain wider and deeper insight in to how we collectively and consistently seek to work cohesively to resource and support young people. The FSG continues to seek meaningful engagement with other faith groups as it continues to develop materials and resources to inform young people across the changing culture in Northern Ireland.

Through commitment and collaboration by a hard-working team, the Faith Sub Group of the Belfast Area Sexual Health Project Board have developed a user-friendly pull-out card encouraging young people to consider themselves ‘one of a kind’, allowing them the opportunity to explore relationships as they move through adolescence.

This resource offers a UNIQUE take on relationships and sexuality education, combining health, faith and the views of young people themselves – with a view to helping young people reach their potential.


Unique Is Endorsed

UNIQUE has been endorsed by the 4 main denominations in Northern Ireland in partnership with the Belfast Trust Project Board.

Unique Helps Inform

UNIQUE is a small booklet designed to help young people [11-13yrs] be informed about choices regarding relationships and sexuality.

Unique Aids Discussion

UNIQUE can used in discussion with a parent, carer, youth worker, teacher or social worker in helping a young person explore relationships and sexuality as they enter and move through adolescence

Download Terms of Reference

UNIQUE terms of reference can be downloaded here.

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