Uniquely Equipped

UNIQUE is a folding leaflet resource for children and young people.

UNIQUE is designed for those young people in Years 8 – 10 (11 to 14 years of age) and will be supported by teaching lessons and a web-site. The aspiration of the team who developed UNIQUE is that it should be given to young people to be used as the focus for discussion around the issues that are covered in the leaflet.

UNIQUE is a tool, developed to help parents, teachers and youth workers talk to children about some of these issues that face them as they are growing up. The issues covered by UNIQUE include:

  • Who am I?
  • How do I relate to others?
  • What is love?
  • What is friendship?
  • I fancy someone….now what?
  • Going out?
  • What about sex?

The information given in UNIQUE is centred on the young person being a “unique individual” and the “unique contribution” that they have made, do make and will make to this world.

Teachers clearly already play such a key role in Relationships and Sexuality Education through the delivery of Personal Development within the Revised Curriculum.

Schools have well developed RSE Policies and both through the taught curriculum and pastoral care teachers address many of the issues that the UNIQUE resource covers.

UNIQUE is not an alternative to the materials you already deliver, but is an additional resource.  It is envisaged for example that a school might choose to give all their Year 8 or 9 pupils UNIQUE and talk them through the information in UNIQUE in a single lesson or a series of lessons.

Alternatively or additionally UNIQUE could be used to support the parent school partnership through encouraging further discussion in the home around some of the sensitive RSE curricular issues. For example UNIQUE may have a role within your school as a tool to give to pupils to bring home and show their parents, encouraging parents to feedback with their child through a homework exercise on UNIQUE. This could be followed up by a lesson on UNIQUE and the feedback received from pupils and their parents.

There are also additional resources on the “Youth Workers” section of this web site that could also be adapted for in school use. 

We can supply your school, after school youth groups and others with any number of leaflets as required, if UNIQUE would be useful to your school as suggested or in any other way.

We value your feedback on UNIQUE and how it fits into your RSE curricular provision.

Please do let us know if any other resources would be helpful to you in school. 

Download Schemes of Work for Year 8 and Year 9:

Year 8

Year 9


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